Blog: Apologies and due credit


Apologies and due credit

Things have been a little quiet here on La Maupin of late. The demands of family and my paying career have interfered with my intent to write La Maupin's tale, and I apologize to those of you loyal enough to have been following what little progress I have made here. Julie is not forgotten, but much though I love her, familial responsibilities to the living and recently living do take precedence.

Speaking of loyalty, though, my long time corespondent and most frequent translator, Rappar, and his wife have supplied me with a full translation of the Escudiers' section on La Maupin from "Vie et aventures des cantatrices célèbres", for which I am extremely grateful. Together with the yeoman's work that clorinde has performed, I now have a fine translation of this work. Bravo! Brava! Merci!


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d'Albert bio

Found this very useful biography of d'Albert you might like, if you haven't already seen it:
I have checked the key/genealogy dates and they are all accurate.

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