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This web site, "la Maupin—Mistress of the Sword", is the home page of a proposed historical novel and the woman upon whose life it is based. Both the novel and this page are the work of Jim Burrows, with an able assist from the rest of Eldacur Technologies.

So, who is or was "la Maupin"? She was a 17th century superstar, a star of the Paris Opera from 1690 to 1705. That may not sound very exciting in the 21st century, but in the Sun King's day, the stars of the Paris opera were the equivalent of today's rock stars, and La Maupin played that roll to the hilt.

We don't know of her destroying any hotel rooms, but she fought a duel in the street right across from the Royal Palace with three young men who objected to her making passes at the most beautiful women at a ball thrown by the King's brother and left all three bleeding in the street.

La Maupin, born Julie d'Aubigny was the mistress of dukes and princess, duchesses and opera divas; ran off with a nun leaving the convent behind them in flames; and had operas written specifically for her.

And who is Jim Burrows? Well, that would be... me. An aging hippy, nerd, computer professional, philosopher and amateur historian. Somehow over the years I've become something of an expert in important historical issues such as the origin of the word "nerd", the history of pin-up art and the life and times of a 17th century bisexual, cross dressing, sword-wielding opera star.

I pioneered the field of software human factors, invented the upside-down "T" arrangement of the arrow keys on your keyboard and worked in the psychiatric ward (aka "the bummer tent") at Woodstock. What was left for me to do but write a novel?

With that stellar introduction, how can you resist? Watch this space.

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